Focus your vision. Find your voice. Plan for action. Communicate results.

We work with non-profits, public agencies, and businesses, combining two areas that have traditionally been isolated: strategy and communications.

Sound Strategies

SDP has seen many organizations invest time and money in creating strategic plans that are not actively implemented or communications plans that neither connect nor convey their overarching vision, core mission, and strategic priorities in a compelling way. The result: organizations often fail to carry their plans into action and do not tell a concise and inspiring story about their ongoing successes.

Strategy Design

SDP helps our clients simultaneously design and execute dynamic strategies while communicating real results – blending the best elements of strategic planning (what we call “strategy design”) with powerful messaging and communications.

Teamwork, Ownership

While our past experiences inform new relationships, we approach new clients with an open mind and work as a team to develop creative solutions that the client will ultimately own and implement, regardless of SDP’s continued involvement.

Whether you’re a non-profit with a strategic plan or a for-profit with a business plan, you must constantly position your organization before key audiences. You must package relatable and relevant content in a concise, compelling, and consistent way to inspire and motivate these key audiences (clients, customers, donors, media, etc.) to act, whether it’s to participate in a program, use a service, award a grant, buy a product, share a story, or more.

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