Focus your vision. Find your voice. Plan for action. Communicate results.

Depending on a client’s needs, we begin by identifying the overarching vision, mission, and values of the organization and then progress through a Mission to Message process to pinpoint the priorities necessary to achieve the stated vision.

Here are some general activities that SDP might perform for clients along its Mission to Message path:

Focus Your Vision - Where Are You Going?

SDP explores your vision and mission by reviewing all background materials and information, interviewing stakeholders, facilitating strategic sessions to engage the board and staff, and conducting focus groups and surveys to assess current perceptions and future opportunities.

Find Your Voice – What Is Your Message?

SDP conducts messaging framework discussions with the board and staff to capture essential ideas and terms
, develops key/core messages, and provides unifying language to personnel and help shape organizational structure.

Plan For Action - How Will You Get There?

Strategic Planning

With the board and staff, we work to connect mission to message, focusing on unifying every strategic element (vision, mission, values, audiences, goals, strategies, structure, tactics, timeline, budget, message) into a cohesive whole.

Action Planning

Action plans detail how the work of the strategic plan will be carried out by the organization’s staff and board.

Focused Planning

The strategic plan is the starting point for an organization or business, informing the organization’s daily operations; governance structure and agenda; and communications, marketing, and fundraising.

Communicate Results – How Will You Tell Your Story And Inspire Your Audiences To Act?

SDP works with you to develop a marketing and communications plan for your organization, while providing ongoing strategic consulting to key leadership, offering guidance on the plan’s evolution, and packaging, positioning, and promoting it to key audiences.

We can also help create content for concise, compelling, and consistent storytelling and help build (or work with our partners to build) the required vehicles to reach audiences, such as website, social media, newsletters, PR, advertising, or serve as the capacity and support you need to execute communications and positioning the plan before funders.