PNC Bank

Focus your vision. Find your voice. Plan for action. Communicate results.

"We are now positioned to let everyone know how important PNC’s community investments are to Cleveland’s success. SDP connected our achievements in a way we never considered, and it's made all the difference.”

- Paul Clark, Regional President

We worked on developing a plan and message for telling PNC’s local community investment story to key audiences across the region, including laying the groundwork for a larger, local advertising blitz by the bank.

A pivotal time in the process occurred when we helped Paul and the team map out these investments on a massive whiteboard in one of PNC’s 20th floor conference rooms. The work remained on the white board for about a year, as Paul and others used it to talk about their work.

Yet, beyond the white board, we helped create a plan that has been followed, including the launch of a new stakeholder newsletter, Achieving for Cleveland, which highlights PNC’s work and investments in education, community development, and economic development. SDP has helped with the writing and design of early editions.