Land Studios

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"I've been involved with many mergers over my career, and this is the most thorough one of which I've been a part."

- Bob Gries, Trustee

Our first client was ParkWorks, an organization that had evolved over three decades to become Cleveland’s go-to professionals for public space design, management, and activation. Along the way, they found a perfect partner in another unique organization, Cleveland Public Art (CPA), that infused public spaces with artistic imagination and creativity. Together, and with many partners, they had been reimagining and redefining Cleveland’s public spaces.

SDP was asked to facilitate a merger exploration between ParkWorks and CPA. In addition to framing the process and establishing the project management schedule, SDP managed five committees composed of members of each organization’s trustees: Vision, Governance, Program/HR, Budget, and Marketing/Fundraising.

Approximately six months later, SDP produced a final executive summary and report that captured the process and outcomes from each of these committees that laid out the rationale, foundation, and operational structure for a new, unified organization – LAND studio.

We have continued to work with LAND studio, providing an array of services, including marketing and communications planning and execution, content development, strategic advice, crisis communications, and staff/board development.